Hawaii's first Target store set to open

Denise Lint
Denise Lint
Holly Harding
Holly Harding
Target's first store in Hawaii occupies the site of the former Salt Lake Costco store
Target's first store in Hawaii occupies the site of the former Salt Lake Costco store

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - While there have been shutdowns and layoffs locally, on Oahu, a new store opening is having a positive impact on our island economy.

Dozens of employees are busy stocking shelves and preparing for the crowds weeks before the doors even open to the public.

"We've on boarded over 500 team members, and, all of which, are local team members and the quality of our teams is phenomenal," said Target Store Team Leader, Denise Lint.

Thousands applied for these jobs, a bright spot in our economy as Hawaii's unemployment numbers rise.

The big store will provide more than just jobs in Salt Lake, but also boost production for other Hawaii companies. Because a large part of Target's offerings are locally made.

"The difference you will see, is the influence of our local vendors. We'll sell surf boards and local items other stores won't," added Lint.

You'll also find Bubble Shack products at Target. Soaps, lotions and candles made nearby in Pearl City.

Getting into Target means this local company has also been hiring.

"We've brought in people to help us especially to help us wrapping candles and filling lotions," said Holly Harding, with Bubble Shack.

Other vendors are also cashing in on Target's local products.

From slippahs and zories, to the store's own brand of Tori Richard designs.

Even though this huge store is similar to ones on the mainland, it still has some familiar items for islanders.

In addition to Hawaiian books and music, this store is also targeting the local TV audience, with a selection of Korean soap operas.

Target's newest store is also its biggest, nearly 200,000 square feet of shopping. To accommodate the additional customers, they've doubled the old Costco parking lot.

Many shoppers are looking forward to the store's opening, and the eager employees will be ready. The Target store will open to the public on March 4th but there will be a grand opening on Sunday the 8th.