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UH Manoa offers great deal on dental care

Kimie Pacleb Kimie Pacleb

By Roger Mari - bio | email

MANOA (KHNL) - During these tough economic times, a visit to the dentist can take a bite out of your budget. There is a way to save money on dental care, and it's available to just about everyone.

Kimie Pacleb visits this office in Manoa for a routine check up, and all for a fraction of what it might cost at a private dentist. It's her first time here but, pleased with the service, it won't be her last.

"I'm going to see her again in March, so I'll be back so I was very satisfied," said patient Kimie Pacleb.

Hae Jin Wallis is also first-timer. She heard about the service through word of mouth. She gets a standard check-up similar to a regular dentist but this visit won't put a bite in her pocket book.

"A regular dentist is about $75 visiting, and here it's $25," said patient Hae Jin Wallis.

It's a small place but it offers big benefits, and not only to those sitting in the chair. This is part of the University of Hawaii's school of dental hygiene. It offers practical training for future dentists and hygienists.

"The students are expected to provide assessment planning and delivery of services," said Donna Fukuda of the University of Hawaii Dental Hygiene Program.

While the patients save money, students get the hands-on training they need, which is carefully checked by professionals.

"The interactions are not just to check the work but it's to give us opportunity to have a one-on-one teaching and learning experience," said Donna Fukuda.

"You're helping UH students, which is a plus as well," said patient Kimie Pacleb.

The only downside might be time, but both Hae Jin and Kimie say the savings is worth the extended visit.

Each year the UH dental hygiene school serves an average of 2000 patients. Operating hours are from 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Saturday.

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