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February 16, 2009

Mister Twister

The term "hero" is used too often in our world these days.  To me, a heroic act is when someone shows great courage and goes out of his or her way and even puts themselves in harm's way.  Ask a serviceman, a fireman, a policeman, or even an astronaut if what they do in the course of their job requirement is heroic, and they would most certainly tell you "no".  Ask the trained personnel involved in emergencies, from 9/11 to landing a plane in the Hudson River if their necessary actions constitute heroism, and most, if not all, would tell you "no".

But when a tornado touched down in Kapolei last Wednesday, an assistant golf pro helped secure a panicked golfer as the tornado literally tried to pry her from her golf cart, and the word hero seemed to be most appropriate.  Going above and beyond and entering into a funnel cloud- that's almost mythical in its very nature.  After instructing co-workers to get inside, Neil Bernard made that instantaneous decision that heroes have to make- do I stay or do I go.  And he went; and he helped; and he was tossed against a wall and suffered head and neck injuries.  He had seen hurricanes in Samoa, but now he was truly in the eye of the storm, and he reacted in a way that perhaps saved lives and certainly prevented injuries.

Without much forethought, in a matter of seconds, because one never knows when the time may come to act heroically, this young man became an amazing story.  And these days, an uplifting incident like this one, uplifting in more ways than one, certainly makes you feel good.  Think about it...

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