Haleiwa super market will close after a century of service

Roy and Shinae Sakai
Roy and Shinae Sakai

By Ashley Monfort

HALEIWA (KHNL) - It's been serving Oahu's north shore for more than a century. But come this Sunday, the Haleiwa Super Market will shut its doors for good. Today many of its longtime customers dropped in to be a part of history.

For over 100 years four generations of one family have run the Haleiwa Super market. But this weekend it will close its doors for the last time.

Roy and Shinae Sakai have helped manage the grocery store for the last 50 years. They've worked 7 days a week from open to close.

But come Sunday, the family-run Haleiwa Super Market will shut its doors for good. Now in their 80's, they say they are finally ready to retire.

"Hopefully now we can travel as we want up to now we weren't able to go anywhere except Las Vegas," Shinae said.

Roy's grandfather started selling groceries in 1907.

"It used to be a horse and buggy days they used to go out plantation camps Dole and sugar plantations. Take orders and deliver them," Shinae said.

From there the business grew into a part of north shore history.

"I've been with the market since 1950 and some of those customers have been with us that long," Roy said.

Today, dozens of customers pack the store, leaving the shelves bare. They also come to say good-bye to the Sakai's.

Brian Kalama has been loyal customer for over 40 years and is sad to see them go.

"The thing about it is...it's something that stays with you for a long time and when it leaves all you have is memories," Kalama said.

He says even though the community may change you can never beat a mom and pop shop like this one.

A Long Drugs will replace the Haleiwa Super Market and is set to open in a few months. Some of the store's 34 employees already have jobs waiting at other local stores. The rest will have hiring priority when the new Long's opens.