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February 11, 2009

It Starts At Home

Yet another ranking has been released suggesting that Hawaii is still near the bottom when it comes to test scores on a key exam- the SAT.  Conversely, to show how unclear this picture might be, Hawaii did score better than the national average on the comparable ACT test, which puts us in the middle of the national pack.  But let's get to the bottom line, beyond rationale about resources, infrastructure and unique circumstances, all of which have some merit.

When it comes to kids and their thirst for learning, it all starts at home.  Parents who think of schools and teachers as surrogate babysitters miss the opportunity to provide their kids with necessary motivation and incentive to succeed.  Parents who don't get involved or who are not genuinely interested- even for 10-minutes a day over dinner or while sitting around at night- deprive themselves and their keiki of a golden opportunity to be achievers, role models, or difference makers.

A great teacher talking to a classroom of disinterested kids is at a huge disadvantage.  A child who does not see the value in learning and in being a productive member of a school environment is, unfortunately, making bad, youthful decisions that might very well last a lifetime.  Yes, some of our schools and teachers need to do a better job. So do some of our parents.  Think about it...

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