Ten civilians, including two children, recognized by HPD

Bryson Kokoo
Bryson Kokoo
Amanda Kokoo
Amanda Kokoo

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

KAHALA (KHNL) - Honolulu police on Wednesday recognized two officers and 10 civilians for their recent heroic actions. Each received a certificate of merit during a ceremony at Kahala Mall.

From chasing down suspects to saving the life of a suicidal woman, police say the civilian honorees decided to get involved with little regard for their own safety. Two children were among the award recipients.

At 6'6", police chief Boisse Correa needs to lean over to honor Honolulu's latest hero.

"It's quite a story," Maj. William Chur, Honolulu Police Department, said.

Amanda Kokoo, 11, was riding her bicycle near her Liliha home, when she noticed two strangers carrying stuff out of her neighbor's house.

"The burglars ran out the front door," she said. "And they was just running down the street laughing."

She rushed home and told her mom to call 911. Then,

"Amanda's mother told her teenaged son, Bryson, who's 15, to chase after the fleeing suspects," Chur said.

"I was just upset by it, I guess, because it was too much in our neighborhood," Michelle Kokoo, mother, explained.

Bryson, a McKinley High freshman, did what his mother asked. What was he thinking as he ran through the neighborhood, pursuing two burglary suspects?

"Just to catch them. My mom was crazy. That was going through my mind," he said.

Civilian Mark Daligdig and Army Sgt. Dean Rudolph saw the commotion and joined the chase. The brave group stopped the suspects and detained them until police arrived.

Officers arrested Caesar Silao, 19, and Noelani Lawson, 18, on suspicion of burglary.

"These people all made a decision to get involved in the well being of their community," Chur said.

Amanda, a 6th grader at Kawananakoa Middle, knows her actions set the wheels in motion.

"Catching criminals feels kind of good," she said.

Officer John Otto also received a certificate of merit. He was stabbed in the abdomen while chasing a suspect in Waikiki. Despite being injured, he managed to disarm and arrest the suspect.