Pro Bowl Allure

Getting the Pro Bowl back to Hawaii on some sort of rotational basis seems like a no-brainer, now that the annual honeymoon with the game here is over.  Getting Aloha Stadium fixed up to meet NFL specifications is a must-have, and will obviously benefit our local high school teams and the University of Hawaii.

As for when the game is actually played annually, holding it the week before the Super Bowl, meaning the top players from the top two teams will not be there, seems to be a bit problematic.  And will NFC and AFC championship game losers prefer to lick their wounds at home, rather than rush to the site of the Super Bowl for a quick all-star game?  At least holding the game the week after the Super Bowl allows time for physical and psychological wounds to heal a bit.  For if players from the top four teams miss this game annually, then the value of this as an all-star game would surely be tainted, and there are already current concerns about declining viewership- thus the switch to the new location and time frame.

As for Hawaii hosting this game, playing here is considered a true reward for NFL players, families, and thousands of visiting fans.  Playing the game in any NFL city simply doesn't have that allure.  And that's not just me speaking, it's what a lot of NFL stars said last week. Pro Bowl equals Hawaii, and that's the way it should be as often as is possible, even in the new world.  Think about it...