Where are they now? Kenny Harrison and Matt Apana

Kenny Harrison
Kenny Harrison
Matt Apana
Matt Apana

By Kristine Uyeno - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The University of Hawaii's first game is in just a couple of weeks. So as we get ready to kick off a new season, we take the time, to catch up with a couple of former, UH baseball stars. We met up with two players who thrilled baseball fans in the '90's to find out "where are they now?"

More than 15 years ago fans packed, what was then called Rainbow Stadium. Two of the reasons were catcher /outfielder Kenny Harrison, and right-handed pitcher, Matt Apana. They played for the university of Hawaii baseball team, at the same time during the early 1990's.

Kenny was later drafted by the Twins, but deferred to go to Japan. He also played for the Pirates. Matt was drafted by the Mariners and also played for teams in Italy and Taiwan.

And now? Kenny is still joking around. But in all seriousness:

"Well right now I'm the general sales manager for ESPN1420" said Harrison.

 They've reunited, off the diamond. Kenny, is actually Matt's boss. Kenny contacted his former teammate, when an account executive position opened up at the radio station.

"He's a good person and a great boss and has taught me a lot" said Apana.

And they have a better relationship, now.

"We're older now, before it was all about girls, and what we going do that night. Now, it's about work and how we're going to make money" said Harrison.

"And I think it's the worth ethic that we created along the paths of our career is really what helps us be successful in what we do now."

Personally, Kenny's married, with five sons. Matt just celebrated his 1-year wedding anniversary and hopes to start a family down the road. They're both involved with youth baseball and Matt advises kids to have a good work ethic and attitude.

"Iough times never last, but tough people do. And i think it can kinda go whether you're on the field or off the field, in everyday life" said Apana.

And while their time in the spotlight, has passed, they'll always remember...

"Playing against top competition, playing in front of fans that were tremendous. We'd sell out the stadium almost every night" said Harrison.

"I guess you don't think about it when you're younger, but you get a little older and wise and you really think, wow you had some really good teammates."