Aloha Tower Marketplace under new management

Linda Gee
Linda Gee
Joe Glarner
Joe Glarner
Brian Matsudo
Brian Matsudo

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Aloha Tower Marketplace has new management, along with a new strategy to revive the historic shopping center.

Friday, February 6th, Texas-based PM Realty Group will officially announce it's taking over the 165,000 square foot property, focusing on energy and innovation for sweet success in this sour economy.

Elite Massage Academy melts it all away.

"Shiatsu, stone, deep tissue," said owner Brian Matsudo.

Pain, worries, economic woes. It's one of Aloha Tower Marketplace's newest editions.

But hard times are hitting Hawaii's businesses. Nick's Fishmarket and Brew Moon both served its final meal this week. That has new management, PM Realty Group making sure the iconic property prospers.

"We've got to get down to the nitty gritty of how they're running their business, how so we can run the shopping center and make it a good solid environment," said regional manager Linda Gee.

Gordon Biersch's been there for 15 years. Shaking off recessions and the post 9/11 slump, it's hopeful the marketplace's new management will pour a new sense of pride.

"There really is a conservative strategic approach to hunkering through this challenging '09," said general manager Joe Glarner.

"If you can feel comfortable working with the people involved in terms of advertising and management. I believe it makes a connection for better business," said Matsudo.

Through asking the tough questions,

"What their target market is, what brings in the most customers for them and how we can help enhance their businesses," said Gee.

It's a strategy to say aloha to stress. Taking the steps necessary for businesses to succeed.

New management says it wants to draw in downtown and local business by offering a trolley service to and from the marketplace.

They also plan to meet with each of the 75 businesses and restaurants individually to address their concerns and together, come up with a solution.