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Pro Bowl TV blackout looming

Gordon Kim Gordon Kim
James Woods Jr. James Woods Jr.
Teresa Lee Teresa Lee
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By Jason Tang - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With less than a day left to sell approximately 3,000 tickets, football fans from Hawaii and the mainland can only think of one reason why sales are so slow.

"In my opinion the reason it hasn't sold out in previous years is the down turn in the economy. people are finding it hard to come up with the extra fifty bucks per ticket," said Gordon Kim, a Pearl City resident.

Kim, who just returned from a four month tour in the Middle East, usually watches the game on TV, yet this year he figured he'd make an exception.

"Being that it's potentially the last one, I wanted to bring my son CJ to the game before it goes away for a little bit," said Kim.

Economic conditions couldn't deter one fan from coming to the Islands though.

since 1980, James Woods Jr. has come to every single Pro Bowl in Hawaii, and says regardless of the economic difficulties, he'll always be here.

"If you like sports, you like sports, you're going to go see it. I'm a sports fan, the money doesn't bother me as long as I'm alive, i'm going to the Pro Bowl as long as it's in hawaii," said Woods.

Last year nearly 20 thousand fans came to the Island State with the purpose of attending the game. Their vacation spendings generated approximately two and a half million dollars in State taxes.

However, according to the latest tourism numbers, in December 2008 visitor spending declined almost 23 percent. A sign of our times.

"People who may have been spending on things such as tickets may not be doing that right now, just trying to make their own cuts personally," said Teresa Lee a visitor from Sacramento, Calif.

And while the reality of the situation is grim , some choose to remain optimistic.

"I think when we get closer to the game on sunday there will be more people than they expect," said Kevin Romer a visitor from Chicago.

The Pro Bowl is scheduled to air on KHNL NBC 8 on Sunday at 11:30am.

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