Kemoeatu family celebrates Steelers Super Bowl victory

By Brian Ojima

KAHUKU (KHNL) - While Chris Kemoeatu and some members of his family were celebrating the Steelers Super Bowl victory in Tampa, the rest of his family did their own celebrating, here at home.

Steeler Nation was in full effect at Chris Kemoeatu's aunt's house in Kahuku, after the Steelers Super Bowl victory over the Cardinals.

"Oh we're so proud of him and we know he deserves it. Even though he made two penalties but it's okay, it's special because he was fighting and they won", said Chris' aunt, Elisha Napaa.

Win they did, but it took a game winning drive by the Steelers in the final minute of the game... a drive that Elisa Napaa couldn't bare to watch.

"I had to go away for awhile because I couldn't handle it, oh man, I was like you gotta pass it to Holmes, and I keep telling them, Holmes is the man, so when he made that catch we all jumped up, my heart stopped, I mean we couldn't even watch", exclaimed Napaa.

While it was pure excitement for the Kemoeatu family... just down the street... Aaron Francisco's former high school defensive backs coach, Louis Santiago, had mixed emotions about the outcome.

"My hats off to Chris and the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I feel so terrible for Aaron. It's the first chance he had to play in the Super Bowl, but they couldn't pull it off, but at least somebody from Kahuku won a Super Bowl ring", said Santiago.

A point well taken... as for Chris Kemoeatu, he has plenty of family, who can't wait for him to get home.

With the victory, the Steelers now have a record six Super Bowl Titles.