Four-year-old on Oahu saves mother's life

Aaron Block
Aaron Block
Hailey Condon
Hailey Condon
Nicole Block
Nicole Block

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A pregnant mother's life is saved by the quick actions of her four-year-old daughter. A diabetic for some time, Nicole Block knows her blood sugar count is a constant concern.

Monday morning, her daughter Hailey sensed something was wrong and somehow knew what to do to help her mom survive.

Hailey knows her mother's condition, she even watches her inject insulin. Seeing that her mom was in trouble, Hailey accomplished a feat no one ever thought a four-year-old could do.

"I left the house normal time, around five," said husband and father Aaron Block.

"I was still sleeping," said wife and mother Nicole Block.

"I was at work the whole day, I called the house around 10:30 to check on everyone, no one answered so I figured Nicole was in the shower," said Aaron Block.

"I've been diabetic for a while," said Nicole Block.

"Around noon I guess my stepdaughter was playing with the phone, pushed the button and gave me a call," said Aaron Block.

"I told him mommy passed out," said four-year-old Hailey Condon.

"I said well try to wake her up for me, shake her, give her the phone," said Aaron Block.

"She didn't hear me, I said wake up mommy," said Condon.

"She's a type one diabetic so I figured what had happened and I immediately got sick to my stomach. There was no telling how long she'd been passed out," said Aaron Block.

"I probably could have easily died," said Nicole Block.

"She looked like she was having a problem," said Condon.

"It was really scary, so I went through red lights to get home," said Aaron Block.

"I remember coming to, there where about 7 fireman in the room, 2 EMTs," said Nicole Block.

Nicole Block and her unborn child were rushed to Tripler Army Medical Center for treatment. She was released hours later. Rushing to get her mom pop tarts to raise her sugar level, to dialing for help, her daughter Hailey's actions astonish her.

"She knows her numbers and things like that but to actually pick up the phone, I didn't think she could do that. 20 or 30 years ago, we wouldn't know, we wouldn't know what to do," said Nicole Block.

Speeding fast on her scooter, she's still the everyday 4-year-old. But to her family, Hailey is a hero.

Both Nicole and her unborn baby are doing fine. As for Hailey, she was rewarded for her bravery and quick thinking with a brand new video game and a meal at her favorite restaurant, McDonald's.