Stab victim thanks Good Samaritan

Guy Tanaka
Guy Tanaka
Lynn Uyeda
Lynn Uyeda

By Leland Kim - bio | email

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) - California resident Guy Tanaka, one of two men who were stabbed Sunday at Koko Crater Trail, recovers at his parents' home in East Oahu. Tuesday was his first full day out of the hospital and he says he feels good.

Tanaka counts his blessings, and thanks those who helped him out on Sunday.

Tanaka is back at his parents' home in Hawaii Kai, not too far from Koko Head Trail where he was stabbed on Sunday.

"It's not something you know is going to happen and invite it," said Tanaka, a 55-year-old tree inspector who lives in Riverside, California. "It's an anomaly; it's a random act of violence."

He says he'll always remember his attacker.

"His eyes were really intense, more intense than normal," said Tanaka. "And the other thing was, he was wearing black boxer briefs. At first I thought they were swim trunks but they were underwear, which I thought was strange.

Besides scrapes on his hands and legs, Tanaka has a stab wound on his back. He has to change his dressing a couple times a day.

On his first full day out of the hospital, Tanaka got a chance to say thank you to one of the people who helped him.

"I'm so glad," said Lynn Uyeda, who helped him Sunday.

"Still alive, still kicking," said Tanaka, as Uyeda gave him a hug.

"I'm so glad you're okay," she said.

Tanaka met Uyeda for the first time since he was transported to the hospital. She called 9-1-1 and gave him a towel to stop the bleeding.

"I'm just so glad you're okay," said Uyeda. "I really, really am."

"It's nice to make contact with you guys too because all these people, they did so much for me," said Tanaka. "And before I could ever say thank you or bye, they loaded me in the helicopter basket."

Tanaka picked Super Bowl Sunday, a quiet day for a hike. He says he doesn't know what he would've done if people weren't there to help him.

"Imagine if there was nobody when I came down because both my cell phones broke in half and my work Blackberry was smashed in half," he said. "I had nothing. I had no means of communication. So if you guys weren't there, there was no way I could. I probably would have had to get down the best I could until I found somebody who had a cell phone."

As he recovers from his injuries, Tanaka counts his blessings.

"So it's good to make contact again with you guys and talk to you and tell you guys, thank you for what you did," he said.

Tanaka will be here for a couple of more weeks until he is cleared to fly home to California. He calls what happened to him a freak incident and says it doesn't discourage him from hiking again.