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Stabbing suspect's mother speaks exclusively to KHNL

Amata Henry Amata Henry
Nani Tuiolemotu Nani Tuiolemotu

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - An East Honolulu neighborhood is still in shock Monday night, after a stabbing spree Sunday sent two men to the hospital.

The emergency call at Koko Head Crater came in just before 3:30 p.m. Police say two people were taken to The Queen's Medical Center.

A man in his 20's is listed in critical condition. The other victim, a man in his 50s is in serious condition.

Authorities launched a manhunt for the suspect using swat teams and K-9 units to scour the Koko Head trail slope.

Hours later, police captured 19-year-old Benjamin Davis.

He's accused of going on the random stabbing spree, but as of Monday night is still awaiting formal charges.

While the suspect's family hurts, they say the main reason why they wanted to speak to KHNL News 8, was to get out their side of the story.

"It hurts my feelings about my son, this is the first time," said Benjamin Davis' mother Amata Henry.

Amata Henry's words are few.  She says it's difficult to even breathe.  She spoke to her son on the phone Saturday, and can't believe he is now an attempted murder suspect.

"It's really hard to say anything about my son because I really love him," said Henry.

19-year-old Benjamin Davis sits in a jail cell awaiting charges. His family wonders what happened.

"I just don't know what went wrong," said Davis' girlfriend Nani Tuiolemotu.

The suspect's girlfriend can barely believe her boyfriend is accused of stabbing two men. This naked, confused man is not the Benjamin she knows.

"He was a supporter for every child. He tried to keep kids off the street, push them to be positive about life," said Tuiolemotu.

They know about the men who were stabbed, they saw the disturbing images on the news.

"Do you think he was going through a tough time?" asked KHNL.

"I don't want to comment about that because I don't know exactly what happened that night," said Henry.  "Somebody gave him drugs; that's why he's acting like this."

"I don't know where down the line he had to take a different path. It has to be someone influencing him, I know that for a fact," said Tuiolemotu.

The mother and girlfriend say while they feel for the victims, they didn't want to further comment on the incident until they have a chance to talk to Benjamin.

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