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Veteran car salesman staying positive in challenging times

Aaron Smith Aaron Smith

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's a sign of things to come as a report soon to be released says new vehicle sales in the United States are expected to decline 30 percent in February, despite aggressive new incentive programs from many dealers. But there was hope that automobile sales last month, would rebound slightly from the lowest levels the industry has seen since 1982.

And Hawaii is no exception as many car dealerships continue to struggle. While other dealerships continue to struggle in this tight economy, managers at Honolulu Ford are driving away with more sales than usual.

"You know how to fix that, let's get you a brand new one right now, huh, what do you say?" says Aaron Smith to one prospective customer.

For 15 years, Smith has seen the ups and downs of the auto industry. That's because he sits right in the middle of it as a salesman.

"I don't think it's any different from when I started here 15 years ago, people still have transportation  needs."

He says Honolulu Ford is bucking the nationwide trend of faltering sales at most dealerships.

"I haven't really noticed the economic times were that tough."

Just last month, he's sold 18 vehicles, a pretty good mark by industry standards.

"Right now, with all the three different incentives available, so lots of customers are sensing that there is no better time to buy than right now" said Smith.

While most dealerships are cutting back, Smith says staying positive is the key.

"I don't worry like that, I come in, try to put in an honest days work, take care of the customers and do what I can for the organization, I never worry about that stuff, but anything can happen."

A reality for him and others in these shaky times. And with lower gas prices, dealerships like Honolulu Ford are glad that it's reflecting on more sales.

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