Papa John's Pizza prepares for Super Bowl Sunday

Keith Skully
Keith Skully
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Of course, "Super Bowl" and food go hand-in-hand. Sunday, fans either made their favorite dishes, or picked up food to bring to parties. Others went with the time-honored tradition of ordering pizza.

Before the action happens on the field, there's a different game going on at Papa John's Pizza near Waikiki.

For these players, the game plan is simple for Super Bowl Sunday, get in early starting at 9:00am and get to work.

Some tackle the task of prepping the food. Others gets reps in folding hundreds of pizza boxes, and all take orders which start pouring in.

"Once the orders come in you want to have everything prepped before everything gets started," said Papa John's driver Keith Scully.

These employees have their game face on during one of the biggest days of the year for pizza delivery.

"Papa John's sells about 500 pizzas on any given Super Bowl Sunday."

About an hour before kickoff, the clock starts here in Waikiki. The first pies are baked, and key receivers go deep with delivery.

"Pizza is still pretty big, anything with Super Bowl bowl you want to eat. Some people kick their own food but a lot of people do order pizza because it's convenient," said Keith Scully.

Keith Scully is a key player on this team, he's been delivering pizzas for 2 and half years, and he's got the stats to prove it. On a normal Sunday he averages a delivery of 15-25 pizzas, but that could change because of a whole field of players today.

"Instead of 2 drivers on a normal Sunday we have like 6-7 drivers so I don't really know what to predict," said Keith Scully.

He can predict hot pizzas and a lot of action as he keeps the drive alive. And while he'll take his starting role on this team, he also admits, he'd rather be home watching the game.

"I wish I were home with my feet up, but somebody has to work," said Keith Scully.

It's the behind the scenes action, many never see, to keep fans focused on the game.