Speeding tickets up, pedestrian citations down on Oahu

Barbara Kim Stanton
Barbara Kim Stanton

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Did you get a speeding ticket last year? New figures show Honolulu police issued more speeding citations to Oahu drivers in 2008, compared to the year before.

While the number of speeding tickets soared, the number of citations for pedestrian law violations dropped.

Are fewer people on Oahu breaking pedestrian safety laws?

New figures show Honolulu police last year issued 4,767 citations for violations such as jaywalking and crossing against a red light. That's a drop from 6,618 tickets in 2007.

"We're delighted the numbers have gone down as far as pedestrian citations because it shows that the public is more aware of how to cross the street safely," Barbara Kim Stanton, AARP Hawaii director, said.

The AARP works to educate all drivers and pedestrians, but especially senior citizens.

"Hawaii has the highest, is number one for both bike fatalities and also pedestrian fatalities for seniors over the age of 65," Stanton said.

In 2007, after 10 pedestrians were killed in 10 weeks, HPD launched a safety campaign that included stepped-up enforcement. The AARP hopes police will remain vigilant.

"What happens is, after a while...it's sort of like the cat's away, the mouse will play," Stanton said.

Officers did continue to crack down on drivers with lead feet.

The new figures show they wrote up 58,801 speeding citations in 2008. That's compared to 50,378 the year before.

As for pedestrians, the AARP is once again asking the Legislature to approve the 'Complete Streets' initiative, which calls for safety features and design changes on our roadways.

"Clearer marking for the crosswalks, of course, we always push for the crossing timers," Stanton said.

A hearing on the 'Complete Streets' proposal is scheduled for Monday.