Local businesses buy Super Bowl ads

Andrew Rosen
Andrew Rosen

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Steelers versus the Cardinals - a "Super Sunday" matchup that's expected to draw an audience of up to 100 million U.S. viewers.

That's why local business hope to captivate that crowd.

Booze, beverages and monsters oh my! There's no doubt those famous ads will draw in just about anybody Super Sunday. Even your auntie who thinks a "quarterback" is a refund.

"We wanted a vehicle to launch the new brand," said Central Pacific Bank Senior Vice President Andrew Rosen.

National commercials cost $3 million dollars per 30 seconds.

"This is the spot," said Rosen.

Central Pacific Bank is banking on launching its new brand with local cut-in slots. Area businesses pay for their commercials in about $25,000 packages.

The commercial debuts Sunday.

"it's really an American story. It's a pull yourself up by the bootstraps story. It's about the small guy versus the big guy," said Rosen.

It's not just aimed at football fanatics but for everyday people.

"A lot more people than just football fans watch the Super Bowl and we felt it's a great way to talk to the community and get the message out," said Rosen.

A message that they'll stand by their customer during a time when the economy suffers. So remember, a time out from the field may be when the action stops, but, that's when it's time for local companies to shine.

As usual, eyes will be glued to tv screens, but this "Super Sunday" goes 3-D.

You can get special glasses at stores all over, which allow you to see a few commercials and a special episode of "Chuck" on Monday night in 3-dimensional technology.