Cardinals' safety Aaron Francisco's biggest fan

James Francisco
James Francisco
Aaron Francisco
Aaron Francisco

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

LAIE (KHNL) - The Arizona Cardinals make history this Sunday with its first Super Bowl appearance.

And, when the team runs out of the stadium tunnel on game day, there will be one fan all the way from Oahu's north shore who will be cheering the loudest in the Tampa stands.

"This one is from his senior year and it's sign by my favorite player #33 Aaron Francisco, said James Francisco as showed off a football.

The prized football is a gift from Arizona Cardinals Safety Aaron Francisco, marking the end of a college career and beginning of going pro.

"Everyday when I'm not working I wear my Cardinals watch, my jersey, my hat," said Francisco.

He has a bedroom wall dedicated to Francisco's playing career.



And, a championship towel.

But, the Laie man is not just a Francisco memorabilia collector.

"I'm my son's biggest fan. i'm his most craziest fan in the stands," he said.

And now he'll witness his son play the biggest game of his life.

"How i feel? I never felt better in my life. it's like a natural high right now," he said.

Despite stardom, James says it hasn't changed his son at all.

"He's just a regular guy from Laie. Still the same, humble and you wouldn't even know he's a football player if you met him on the street. You would think that he's just another regular joe."

But for james, the former Kahuku Defensive Back is more than the youngest of four children.

"He's daddy's pet," he said.

And an exceptional son.

The road to the Super Bowl is a dream come true and no doubt a proud moment for the entire family.

"It was never a goal, it just happened. he went to college got a good career at BYU then the next door opened. He took that opportunity and made the most of it, and Sunday he'll be in the Super Bowl," Francisco said.