Super Time

It's Super Bowl week, and amid the hype and hoopla comes the intense, local planning for Sunday's activities.  The game itself- yes, there is actually a game played- features long-time Super Bowl fixtures, the Pittsburgh Steelers, against perennial losers, the Arizona Cardinals.  There are plenty of compelling stories, with local players on both sides of the ball, the amazing resurgence of Cardinals' quarterback Kurt Warner, and the intrigue of Pittsburgh's Hines Ward's knee injury.

On the local front, the key questions are- kal bi or chicken, who's bringing dessert, and how many varieties of libation should I stock up on so I don't look cheap or clueless?  I'm kind of an anti-social guy on Super Bowl Sunday, disdaining loud rooms, and preferring to actually watch and listen to the game and the $3-million commercials.  But it is a great time to bring everyone together, and we know it doesn't take too much to get a tailgate going locally- heck, you even see the lawn chairs and pupus out there for AYSO soccer practices.

So enjoy the revelry, everything in moderation, and may your team win, that is, if you actually have a team.  For those unsure, the Steelers wear gold and black, while the Cardinals are in cardinal red (of course) and white.  Are here's an oddity; in 1944, the player-depleted NFL actually merged these two teams for one year- they were know as Card-Pitt.  They lost all the games they played, and as some have said, should have probably been called the "carpets". But not now...  Game on!  Think about it...