ABA hoops returns to Honolulu

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The American Basketball Association will return to Honolulu next season.

"We hope that the third time will be a charm," ABA CEO Joe Newman said in a press release.

"Both previous teams were well accepted, our mainland teams loved going there, but transportation was a problem. We finally have it worked out and we are thrilled to be back there. What a wonderful mid-winter trip it will be for the visiting teams, a vacation in Hawaii and what a great ownership group too, very professional, very experienced and very knowledgeable about pro basketball and the ABA."

The team will be owned by A.M. & Associates, headed by President/Head Coach LaShun (Shawn) McDaniel, formerly the Head Coach of the Beijing Aoshen Olympian.

"We had several ideas for a team name," said McDaniel, "From the many emails we received from the people of Honolulu and our staff, we have chosen the Honolulu Pegasus."

Currently, McDaniel is in Europe scouting players for the inaugural season.

"We are taking the correct steps in becoming one of the elite teams in the ABA and a trend setter for professional basketball for the 21st century," he said. "We are in the process of making several major announcements for our organization and our website will be up shortly. We just want to make our fans, supporters, and the City of Honolulu proud of how we are conducting ourselves and the professionalism we will display in the city, the county and the State of Hawaii.

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