Fire victim answers call to serve country

Tamasailau Minute
Tamasailau Minute
Douglas Minute
Douglas Minute

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - From tragedy to taking care of his family. An Oahu man answers the call to serve his country just days after a fire destroys just about everything he owns.

Kids playing with matches caused a Mililani family's home to burn down. Now, less than a week later, the father answers the call to serve his country and support his loved ones.

Douglas Minute is doing what any father would do - helping his family when they hurt.

He's joining the Navy and now more than ever he knows they need this financial help.

Dear Uncle Sam, what we're about to send is really special.

"My name is Douglas Minute, I'm a seaman recruit and I'm going to Chicago for my training," said New Recruit Douglas Minute.

The contents are pretty fragile.

"My house burnt down, everything is gone, we have nothing.I want him to go but the only thing that worries me is if he's mentally ready," said his wife,Tamasailau Minute.

You know we're really proud. This delivery serves a purpose.

"To benefit my family, me, just a new beginning. It happened, we can't look back on it, we just have to move forward," said Douglas Minute.

I'm sure you handle a lot of these, but what you may not get is this secures a better future, for the recipient and especially the senders.

"This is a great sacrifice," said Tamasailau Minute.

Well i guess it's all up to you now. we know you'll be careful. Signed, sealed and wrapped with love.

Sincerely, the Minute family.

Douglas ships off for his two-month Navy training Tuesday.  Meanwhile, his family still looks for a home.

They've received a lot of support from family and friends, but if you'd like to help, an account is set up at Bank of Hawaii under the "Minute Fund."

You can also donate clothing or other items. For information on how to do that, contact the Pearlridge Recruitment Office.