Murder victim's wife heart-broken after son pleads guilty

Marie Ramos
Marie Ramos
Timothy Adarna
Timothy Adarna
Bob Ramos
Bob Ramos

By Minna Sugimoto - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - An Ewa Beach murder victim's wife says she's heart-broken that her son decided to plead guilty to the crime. She believes the killer is still out there.

Marie Ramos says none of this makes sense to her because her son and his stepfather had a very close relationship.

But prosecutors maintain there's no evidence that anyone else was involved in the murder.

Marie Ramos is still paralyzed by grief, two years and two months after the brutal slaying of her beloved husband, Bob Ramos.

"We had a very good relationship," she said through tears. "Very much in love."

Another devastating blow came last Thursday, when her son, Timothy Adarna, 21, pleaded guilty to the murder.

Prosecutors say Adarna stabbed his stepfather to death before torching their Ewa Beach home. Firefighters discovered the 55-year-old victim's body after putting out the flames.

"The whole drive home I'd been calling (my husband)," Marie Ramos recalled. "And I knew something was wrong because he didn't answer his phone."

She says her husband was working hard to end gang activity and drug use in their community. She believes his activism got him killed.

"Nobody looked into any of that," she said. "Nobody looked into the fact that the house has been broken into more than once."

Under a plea agreement, prosecutors will ask for a 20-year prison term when Adarna's case goes before the Hawaii parole board.

Marie says her son accepted the deal because he felt he had no other choice.

"My heart broke," she said. "But my heart broke also because he didn't do it, and he still states he didn't do it."

She says she's speaking out, not to protect her son but to find true justice for her husband.

"Horrible," she said. "He was a really good man."

Adarna's murder trial last year ended with a hung jury, with 10 of the 12 jurors reportedly leaning towards the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Prosecutors say during his own testimony, Adarna incriminated himself and no one else.