2010 census creating jobs in Hawaii

James Christy
James Christy

By Tracy Gladden - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With the recession making jobs hard to find, the 2010 census is creating hundreds of jobs right here in Hawaii. Every year more than 300 billion dollars of federal funds are up for grabs and the U.S. Census Bureau's data determines who gets what.

To make sure Hawaii gets its fair share a new census office is opening in Honolulu. In the next two months the new office will hire 600-700 employees to help with the count.

"Many of these jobs will be short term temporary jobs but they come at a time when a lot of people are at a transition in employment and this will provide an immediate boost for those looking for work," James Christy, U.S. Census Bureau Regional Director said.

He says the jobs will pay from 12.75 to 20 dollars an hour. The census workers will use this new GPS-equipped hand held computer to accurately find addresses.

"We want the local people to be asking the questions and to be honoring the traditions and customs of those communities, that's how we get a good census count," Christy said.

Mayor Mufi Hannemann unties a maile lei as the new office space is blessed. He says because Hawaii doesn't have a high voter turnout, he wants people to take this Census seriously.

"The reason to fill out is so important that we just think it will be a great opportunity for the american people to participate in the census," Christy said.

The statistics gathered in next year's census will determine representation in Congress and community funding. In the last census, households received a long questionnaire. This one will be different. The Census Bureau says there are fewer questions on the 2010 Census than there are when you set up a myspace page. For information on where to apply for a 2010 census job go to www.2010censusjobs.gov