"Change a Pet's Life Day" in Hawaii

Pavla and Daniel Montano
Pavla and Daniel Montano
Kawehi Yim
Kawehi Yim
The Hawaiian Humane Society in Kaimuki
The Hawaiian Humane Society in Kaimuki

By Anthony Ferreira

HONOLULU (KHNL) - All across America on Saturday, people headed to their local animal shelter for "Change a Pet's Life Day."

Here on Oahu, the Hawaiian Humane Society is always ready to help families add a furry friend to their household.

Daniel and Pavla Montano's family just got one member bigger and by the looks of it, "Gotham" here, is going to keep them busy.

After a long deployment overseas, Daniel just returned back to Hawaii and he set out on a new mission: to bring home a four-legged friend.

"Now we can finally have a dog before he leaves again!" said Pavla Montano.

The Hawaiian Humane society says 60% of Hawaii residents own a pet of some kind or another, be it dog, cat or perhaps something even "fluffier."

And there's always animals here looking for the right home.

"Today is national pet adoption day but for here at the Hawaii Humane Society adoption day is every day of the year for us," said Kawehi Yim of the Hawaiian Humane Society.

And in these tough economic times, adopting a shelter animal can save you a lot of money.

The humane society's $60 fee includes spaying or neutering, the animal's shots, a microchip i.d. and even two weeks of post-adoption care.

"If you were to take it to a regular veterinarian, I think the sterilization alone is anywhere from 2 to 3 hundred dollars," Yim told KHNL News 8.

The Hawaiian Humane Society even approached perhaps the most famous family in the world right now who's in search of a shelter animal.

"We've encouraged him (President Barack Obama) to come visit us - to come visit the Hawaii Humane Society when they were here, but I think he has criteria that he's looking for as far as a dog because his daughter has allergies to it, so it kind of limits you to what kind of dog he can get," said Yim. "But hopefully he will visit one of the local shelters in the area and find a pet that suits his family."

The Hawaiian Humane Society receives new animals every day.

And they find homes for about 6,000 pets a year.