Investigators: child playing with lighter causes house fire

Daisy Minute
Daisy Minute

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

MILILANI (KHNL) - Fire investigators say a child playing with a lighter caused the fire Thursday in Mililani that left almost 20 people homeless.

Friday, the family was back at the destroyed home, and although they may have lost almost everything, a few sentimental items have risen from the ashes. One family member graduated high school last year.

She tells us that besides the memories of it, her diploma is what really reminds her of that experience.

At first, she thought, like many of her other belongings, the diploma would be gone too, but she was wrong.

As the Minute family picks up the pieces left by Thursday's fire, they still try to piece together what's yet to happen to their lives.

"Yesterday (Thursday) was hard, 'cuz it's our house, we have like nowhere else to go," Fire victim Daisy Minute said.

A total loss except for some of their precious belongings.

"I thought it was gone, so but my brother found it when he walked in," Minute said. "It's like my only memory, my lifetime memory."

What he found was her high school diploma.

"From my hard work in school, no matter how bad I hated school, but I did it and that's one of the best memories," Minute said.

And not only that, a softball picture as well. The only one left from her collection.

"It feels bad that I lost the pictures, but I still have my memories in my heart," she said.

Cherished church music books also survived the fire. The family says the man above may have helped them with that.

"Everything that we did and had is all gone, but as long as my family's ok," Minute said.

They have a temporary place to stay, at least for a few more days at the Red Cross. But they tell us they're still not sure where they'll stay after that.

"Still kind of lost, don't know what to do yet," Minute said. "We just bought this house too, so the man above will provide."

Fire officials estimate the damage at around $450,000. The family plans to re-build the home. There's at least one bright side to this story, as the family found their missing cats Friday.