Ban Plan

The Honolulu City Council is looking at a ban on handheld cell phones while driving.  There will be public hearings (please leave you cell phones on silent by the way) and more discussion (unless someone gets interrupted by a page or a text message).  Nowadays, people locally say "hey, did you get my text message"? And you say "No, but did you get my voice mail on your home phone?"  You say, "nah, must have missed it, try send it to my cell next time".  And of course, you can always fax them, or page them, or see them live or on FaceBook or MySpace or YouTube or Twitter or... good grief!

If we ban cell phone, video game and texting usage while driving, how about banning loud, bass-thumping, crappy music, too?  How about banning dining while driving, or having the three-year old standing up on the front seat go bye-bye (oh yeh, that is banned)?  How about no rearranging papers on the passenger seat while driving?  How about no tossing your food wrapper or butt out the window- cigarette butt, of course.  How about no hanging the right foot out the passenger window?  Normally, that's a front seat passenger issue, not a driver, of course.

By the way, Hawaii and Alaska are apparently the last states to not ban hand-held cell phones while driving.  Many people have enough trouble signaling left and then not veering right when they turn, or taking up two parking spaces, so let's not give these people more opportunity for distraction.  Pass this ban plan.  Think about it...