McCully residents without water for second day

Su Shin
Su Shin
Dorothy Horie
Dorothy Horie

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Almost 50 homes on Oahu are still without water after a 16-inch water main ruptured in the McCully area Tuesday afternoon and 2 more times since.

Residents in the affected area say it's hard to function. They don't think of how many daily duties require water until they have to do without.

"Water doesn't run so we can't do dishes. Can't flush the toilet or take a shower," said Resident Tanya Maxillom.

For Tanya Maxillom, water is the top of her worries.

She's among the nearly 50 households along a stretch of McCully street without it.

A major water main burst blocking traffic Tuesday afternoon. Cars were splashing, strollers had to be carried. When The Board of Water Supply turned the water back on at 3 am Wednesday, it leaked again. The same thing happened again later in the afternoon.

"It's the same break that they're repairing but they're having to patch different leaks popping up as they turn the water back on," said Board of Water Supply Spokeswoman Su Shin.

And that means Tanya turning to alternatives.

"Go out to eat, get drinks, go to friend's house to shower, laundromat to do laundry," said Maxillom.

Neighbors are staying home and being smart.

"I have some water so when I have my number 2 I just flush it down. But when you go shi-shi you just leave it leave it," said Dorothy Horie.

Tanya hopes the next water bill doesn't reflect the break.

"You shouldn't have to pay for water on this day," said Maxillom.

For now, water wagons are the only source of this necessity. Board of water supply officials say crews will work throughout the night to fix the pipe break. They hope to have water restored and the streets repaved by Thursday morning.