Hawaii's military families have high hopes for new commander-in-chief

Robertta Cole
Robertta Cole
President Obama
President Obama

By Leland Kim - bio | email

MAKAKILO (KHNL) -  Barack Obama is not only our new president, he is the new commander-in-chief, who reaffirmed his commitment to the U.S. military.  Those were reassuring words to Hawaii's military families.

The inauguration of President Barack Obama had many in Hawaii glued to their TV screens, including Makakilo resident Robertta Cole.

"I thought he did a great job," she said.  "It was very interesting.  I liked how he had a lot of modern influences with some of the music and things.  The whole weekend was an exciting weekend."

She's also a mom and a military wife.  Her husband U.S. Army Maj. Kaci Cole is half way around the world in Iraq with the 25th Infantry Division.

President Obama reaffirmed his commitment to our military, saying he supports them and will continue to support them.

"At some point in time this weekend, he said he knew he'd have to earn our troops' trust since he doesn't have any military experience," said Cole. "That was very insightful on his part, a great way to put it."

While her husband is away, she is raising their seven-year-old son Sean, and a two-year-old daughter Sarah.

"That's important," said Cole. "It's wonderful we have a commander-in-chief that will support our troops and support our families as well, especially during multi-deployments."

Cole is wishing for fewer deployments, and has faith in the new president.

"So far I think he's made some intelligent decisions and I'm hopeful," she said.

Maj. Cole is one of about 8,000 Schofield soldiers deployed in the Middle East. He is scheduled to come home in November.