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January 19, 2009

Education Bits

A few educational items to ponder this week... while numerous people are befuddled and concerned, rightfully so, due to the digital TV conversion last week, hopefully people will realize that technology and terrain sometimes don't make for good partners.  We sincerely hope that TV viewers who lost their local channels will find the right solution to allow them to continue to watch local stations- like this one...

The winds last Friday caused schools and businesses to close down in anticipation of the howling. Closing schools because of wind gusts?  I understand precautions with pending hurricanes, monsoons, and snowstorms, but wind-closings?  Well, no argument from the home-bound school kids and toupee wearers, that's for sure.

And speaking of schools, Hawaii ranked lowest in the number of "highly qualified" teachers who instruct students in the No Child Left Behind program.  Teacher shortages, lack of training, not taking the certification tests, whatever.  But the criteria for "highly qualified" are apparently left up to each state, and monitoring can only be done sporadically by the understaffed U.S. Department of Education.  No child should be left behind, but someone left the logic behind in many areas of this program.  Think about it...

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