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Lucky BJ Penn fan wins tickets to UFC 94

Vena Naihe Vena Naihe
Pipi Pipi
BJ Penn BJ Penn

By Stephanie Lum - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Tickets to the superbowl are hard to come by and so are tickets to one of the biggest mixed martial arts fights of the year: Hilo's B.J. Penn versus Georges Saint Pierre in U.F.C. (Ultimate Fighting Championship) 94 in Las Vegas.

One lucky die hard Hawaii fan found out Monday, she'll not only be there to witness the event, she'll get to meet the lightweight champ in person.

"This is exciting! Someone is going to be checking out B.J. Penn in Las Vegas!"

KCCN Radio announcer Pipi's talking about a prize many die hard MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fans dream of.

A trip to Las Vegas to see Hilo-native and light-weight champ B.J. Penn, go up against welter-weight champ Georges St. Pierre.

The last time they fought, Penn lost.

"Hopefully he can kick Saint's butt!" said Pipi.

Callers have been vying for a chance to see the ultimate fight and Monday, a fan's ultimate dream came true.

"Vena Naihe is that you? This is Lina Girl and Pipi from KCCN FM 100 and we want to tell you, you won the grand prize trip for two to Las Vegas to see BJ Penn!"

Naihe was asleep when she got the call and groggily said, "Are you for real? You for real? I just won!"

When reality sunk in that Naihe won the prize package worth $3,000 she told us,"From a lying down position, I went to a standing up, jumping around and being so excited."

It's not just a once in a lifetime experience, for Naihe, it's a chance to see history in the making. If Penn wins, he will be the first ultimate fighter to hold two champion titles and as Penn told us in a previous interview, this could also be his last fight.

"It's a big thing BJ Penn from Hawaii is a big thing and I was just lucky," said Naihe.

Naihe hopes her luck will continue and she and her husband will hit the jackpot in Vegas.

Penn takes on Saint Pierre on January 31.

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