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How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Heal Your Body?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is an FDA,AMA approved non-invasive medical treatment used to deliver high concentrations of oxygen inside the body.100% oxygen is administered via mask while you are resting comfortably inside a pressurized chamber.
While you are in this pressurized environment the oxygen you breathe is dissolved much more effecyively in your blood and is then transported beyond cellular level into plasma and tissues which need it most.
Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy increases the oxygen gradient in damaged and hypoxic(oxygen starved) tissue.This enables collagen production to occur and stimulates new blood vessel production (Angiogenesis)in and around the affected area.
The increased oxygen under pressure improves the auto-immune response,reducing pain and swelling.
Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy has natural anti-inflammatory properties.Dangerous bacteria such as Staph and Strep are inhibited from growing in an oxygen rich environment.Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy augments the bactericidal action of some antibiotics and is a systemic treatment not to be confused with topical or supplemental oxygen.The natural healing mechanisms that occur during Hyperbaric therapy have been scientifically proven and therapeutically used for over 60 years.

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