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Computer experts warn of sinister new "sleeper" virus

Todd Kingman Todd Kingman

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Computer network administrators are on alert for a new type of virus that poses a unprecedented  threat: it "phones home" to await further instructions from it's originator, while simultaneously covering up it's point of origin.

Todd Kingman, general manager of SuperGeeks, a Hawaii-based computer support company, says that as of Friday the virus had already infected 3 million systems.

"Versions of this type of threat have been named Conficker, downadup, and Kido.  What is unique about this threat is it is programmed to cover up its tracks making it difficult to find the source of the malicious software on the internet."

But Kingman says that computer users can protect themselves against the virus by downloading a security patch from Microsoft's website.

So far the virus seems to be mainly appearing in business computer networks, but it can threaten home systems by launching itself from connected devices, such as USB drives.
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