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Memorial service for murdered toddler attracts dozens

Nancy Chano Nancy Chano
Kim Burrows and Shyenne Schuster Kim Burrows and Shyenne Schuster

By Diane Ako - bio | email and Martin Salazar

MAKIKI (KHNL) - Dozens of people turned out Saturday evening to remember a little boy they never knew - until he was murdered. A year ago today, the state let out a collective gasp to hear that this toddler had been thrown off the Miller Street overpass into the H-1 freeway traffic.

Cyrus Belt's mother Nancy Chano prays for her son at his memorial site. "I prayed the rosary. I'm going to pray it again too in a second," she begrudgingly told reporters before hurrying off.

Chano said it's been hard on her since a neighbor allegedly threw her toddler off the overpass- something she says she'll have to live with every day for the rest of her life. She brought him a poster and also erected a simple white cross along Miller Street.

Hundreds more are expected to gather at the overpass Saturday night because of a memorial organized by two women who didn't even know the boy. Kim Burrows is a distant relative by marriage to baby Cyrus. Her brother in law was Cyrus' dad. Shyenne Schuster is no relation, but says as a mom, the tragedy hit close to home. Neither are friends with Cyrus' mother, who has been widely accused of neglecting the boy.

"It makes me sick. Sad," said Burrows. "I'm a mom. He wasn't taken care of like he should have been. What kind of closure is there? Is the state going to do something about future situations? Are they? I don't know."

Schuster agreed, "I'm really angry that the state didn't come together and visit him or take action. They knew the mother was doing drugs and they didn't do anything."

This memorial is one of many that will undoubtedly line the fence and surrounding area as people come to pay respects to Cyrus Belt. Organizers say they're expecting at least 500 people Saturday night. For one night, they just want to think only good things about Cyrus. Shuster smiled, "Just knowing he was a happy baby and not what we knew of him."

New friends reunite and hug on the bridge. If anything at all good has come out of this, it's a renewed sense of community and parent support groups. "We built friendships with each other to heal," Schuster explained.

Healing: that's one thing all the women do have in common. Whether or not they approve of Cyrus' mother, Nancy Chano claimed she seeks healing, too. She told us, "I try to be a good person and one day join Cyrus in heaven.

Schuster set up a My Space memorial page for Cyrus Belt. She says she has 300 friends on that page, and fielded 60 questions this week about the memorial service.

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