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Wind rips off Kaneohe family's roof

Richard Morikawa Richard Morikawa
Michael Morikawa Michael Morikawa

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

KANEOHE (KHNL)- The Honolulu Fire Department says like it expected, the wind damage calls came in numbers. Despite gusts almost ripping off the majority of a Kaneohe family's roof, they say it could have been worse.

The Morikawas are dealing with a lot of mess. Strong winds stripped nearly 90% of the family's roof Thursday morning.

"It just looked like bare wood," said Home Owner Richard Morikawa.

Michael was asleep and the only one home.

"I just heard a flapping sound and I said 'Oh what was that,' I went outside and saw someone's roof in our yard and went 'Oh someone's roof is in our yard.' But it was actually our roof," said Michael Morikawa.

The family called their insurance company and a roofer, but even the winds wreaked havoc on him.

"They had to crouch down and wait until the gusts passed and they can start working again," said Richard Morikawa.

Having recently re-roofed their home several months ago, Morikawa says becoming victim to the strong wind's wrath comes as a surprise.

"I guess it's just one of those things that you never know," he said.

Insurance is expected to take care of the damage but the Morikawa's home is in a spot susceptible to fierce winds. Thursday alone, nine Oahu homes reported part of their roofs being ripped off.

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