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Manoa family lands dream trip to Obama's inauguration

Lisa-Maria Priester Lisa-Maria Priester
Sean Priester Sean Priester

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - The anticipated record-breaking crowd at Barack Obama's swearing-in ceremony will include an Oahu family, who were so determined to attend Obama's inauguration, they contacted lawmakers in red states for tickets.

That didn't quite work, but their determination did end up landing them a prime view of the historic ceremony.

Checking off his list of to-do's, Executive Chef Sean Priester wants his kitchen spic and span before he and his wife Lisa-Maria leave from on Top of Waikiki to on top of the world.

"All I know is that I'm going to have tissues in my bag because I'm going to be crying, I am definitely going to be crying," said Lisa Maria.

"I was excited and a bit surprised, like I said there's not that many to go around and I already received two other rejections," said Sean.

Sean wrote numerous letters to lawmakers, asking for tickets to Obama's inauguration. Three weeks later - a phone call.

"Sean left me a voicemail one day and he was rattling off about a bunch of things and at the very end he said, 'oh yeah we got tickets from Abercrombie', click. And I was like what is he talking about, is he talking about the Abercrombie and Fitch store? what was that message? I had no idea! And it finally dawned on me and I said 'What? What did you say?'" said Lisa Maria.

With tickets in hand from Congressman Neil Abercrombie, the Manoa couple will take their son Jazz to witness history in the making.

"My family is diverse and represents what, like my husband, I hope this country can be, what I want it to be for my son," said Lisa Maria.

"It's a huge paradigm shift in the way that Americans look, and think of America and the way the world thinks of America, to have a president with such a diverse background represents us well," said Sean.

One day, Sean hopes to cook for Obama, and serve him the way he believes the soon-to-be President will serve his country.

"It's a historical moment for someone of Barack's background to reach this level in our government," he said.

The Priester family begins their dream trip to Washington D.C. Thursday night.

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