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Huge surf headed our way

Marco Meiring Marco Meiring
Elaine Shelton Elaine Shelton
Curtis Matsumoto Curtis Matsumoto
Wayne Agsalda Wayne Agsalda

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

HALEIWA (KHNL) - Island beaches brace for some monster waves.

A swell has been building all wednesday afternoon. And as the surf picks up, so has the buzz on Oahu's North Shore.

Over the winter waves that Hawaii is world famous for.

All eyes are on the North Shore waters. Which is the big wave capitol of the world.

While surfers waited for the monstrous surf expected, the waters were too inviting to pass up.

A number paddled out into the lineup that became more challenging as the day went on.

"Everyone comes here in winter to get big waves. Its waves like no where else, big waves that are more powerful, more consistent, its fun," said Australian bodyboarder, Marco Meiring.

Fun for the hundreds who came to the shore to watch the surfers and bodyboarders get barreled at the popular break 'Pipeline'.

"It exciting to see the ocean and power of it. I cant imagine anyone wanting to ride that big surf," said Canadian visitor, Elaine Shelton.

But plenty do. And on this day, some were trying to squeeze in a few sets before the even bigger surf rolled in.

They too were also keeping an eye on what would be coming on the horizon.

"The forerunners of the new swell will send in some freak sets, so then it will be time to come in," said Curtis Matsumoto, of Waipahu.

As the waves build, business picks up in nearby Haleiwa. At Surf and Sea they're selling more safety gear, things like helmets and fins to protect riders. But one thing they have completely stopped is renting out boards to visitors because of the big surf.

"We just had a customer who came in here and wanted to rent a board to surf Waimea which is completely unheard of. You have to pay your dues to go surf there, we can't just rent out a board - its pretty insane," said Wayne Agsalda.

Because of challenging conditions with the waves and winds, there will be no 'Eddie' on Thursday. The Eddie Aikau Invitational big wave event will have to wait for another day.

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