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January 12, 2009

Change In The Air(waves)

This Thursday at noon, local broadcasters in Hawaii will be shutting off their regularly scheduled analog transmissions on all islands.  If you receive your television signal through cable or via satellite, you will continue to receive your TV signals as always.  Again, cable and satellite viewers will be completely unaffected by this effort.

If you receive your signal over the air via indoor antenna (like rabbit ears) or a rooftop antenna, you may be in jeopardy of losing reception as local stations transition to digital signals.  IF you have purchased a converter box, you may be able to use your current set and receive many, if not all, of the local stations.  Due to terrain and coverage issues, some locations throughout the state will simply not be able to pick up many or any local stations.  And a few areas that did not get over-the-air reception before, now might be able to get local stations.

This is part of a nationwide edict for all TV stations to give back their analog signals to the federal government.  For those of you who get cable or satellite on your primary TV set, but use an indoor or outdoor antenna for that extra TV set in the kitchen or bedroom, the world of digital is all or nothing- there will be no grainy pictures.  Go to or for more information, for the time is upon us.  Think about it... 

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