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Travel agency under investigation for alleged bogus tickets

Marilyn Ordonez Mosley Marilyn Ordonez Mosley
Jean Angrand Jean Angrand

By Mari-Ela David - bio | email

CHINATOWN (KHNL) - An Oahu travel agency is under investigation for allegedly scamming customers out of their money, leaving some stranded at the Honolulu International Airport.

Both Honolulu police and the state are investigating Colomas Travel Service.

Honolulu police say five theft reports involving more than a dozen people, plus 10 state complaints against the agency have been filed within the last few weeks alone.

Two days before Carolina Ordonez and her son Jonathan's flight, they learn their tickets aren't valid.

"They were leaving January 10, I called January 8 and one customer service representative told me the tickets were no good, the tickets weren't paid for," said Marilyn Ordonez Mosley, a Kapolei resident.

Mosley says her mom and brother bought their tickets four months ago through Colomas Travel Service in Chinatown. After bombarding the agency with calls, Colomas finally gave the family their tickets.

"The concern is, what if we didn't catch it on time? What if I didn't call two days prior to them leaving? What if they were at the airport boarding on Philippine Airlines and they were not allowed because these tickets were not paid for in the first place?" said Mosley.

At Colomas's River Street office, a sign reads 'Opening soon under new company and management'.

Nearby businesses say the owner closed shop two weeks ago.

Colomas' next door neighbor a pawn shop and the owner says he has seen many upset customers coming out of the travel agency saying they allegedly received bogus tickets.

Jean Angrand says one lady even pawned her wedding ring .

"She didn't have sufficient amount of money to go and she had to purchase a new ticket so therefore she came to me," said Angrand.

The State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs says one complaint against Colomas was filed in 2008, nine more filed in 2009.

The license is under Ligaya Baldugo, and it is current. The state says it expires at the end of the year.

Calls to Colomas were not answered.

If you've been scammed by a travel agency, call the State Consumer Resource Center (CRC). Click on the link to  this page, called 'Travel Agency Complaints' for CRC's numbers.

Police say until the trip date, the scam is a civil matter.

Once the trip date has passed, you can file a theft report and police will investigate.

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