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Women inmates encourage students to make right choices

Xavia Ellisor Xavia Ellisor
Kirstie Maeshiro-Takiguchi Kirstie Maeshiro-Takiguchi

By Caroline Julian

DIAMOND HEAD (KHNL) - Inmates from the Women's Community Correctional Center performed a powerful monologue for the students at La Pietra School for Girls this morning.  

The monologues were written by the women in the Prison Writing Project.

It gave the students insight on prison life, but most importantly encouraged them to live their lives by making the right decisions.

"Most of the people are scary. The guards watch your every move," Xavia Ellisor recited from her monologue.

But, it's not a script from a play. It's a testimony of prison life. The stories are real.

Sister to sister they share stories with the hope to touch just one student, encouraging her to make right choices.

"Cause when i chose to drink and chose to drive i took her life away. I had a little boy, he was two years old. And when i get out, he'll be a freshman, same age as you guys. I'll have missed his whole childhood," said Ellisor.

She says she'll spend her 25th birthday in prison all because of one bad choice.

"I'm just hoping that them hearing the very real consequences that you can change not just your own life but a whole another family's life,"said Ellisor.

"Just listening to them and watching them i got emotional. Making me rethink my priorities, instead of going out and partying that's college life,"said Kirstie Maeshiro-Takiguchi, a student La Pietra.

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