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5 days left until Hawaii switches to digital television

Gary Hashimoto Gary Hashimoto
Miao Azeka Miao Azeka

By Roger Mari bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With less than a week until the television conversion from analog to digital, some people still don't have a "clear signal" on what will happen on January 15th.

Hawaii is the first state to be making the switch and there are plenty of converter boxes available. Not too many seem to be in a mad rush as the digital doomsday approaches.

"There are about 45-thousand coupons that have been issued to Hawaii, but only about less that have been redeemed," said June Gonzales of the Federal Communications Commission.

The converters cost around 70-dollars. Those still using T.V.'s with an analog signal could apply for two 40-dollar coupons and get a lesson on how to install the converter.

"All you do is remove that antenna from the current connection on the television and hook it up to the antenna hook-up on your digital converter box and then you take the supply cable, hook it up to the converter box and plug it in to the back of your T.V.," said Radio Shack Manager Gary Hashimoto.

"I just come here in the mall, and so this is a good time to ask," said Honolulu Resident Miao Azek

Digital television offers a clearer picture, better sound quality and free high definition programming for viewers with H.D. sets. The new system will also come in handy once power is restored after blackouts.

"Even thought the electricity comes on, the provider might not come back on. In that event a converter box and antenna might be the only way to watch the television."

F.C.C. officials urge everybody to invest in a converter box; those without one will be looking at a blank screen come Friday.

The F.C.C. will send somebody to install the box free of charge to those having problems. The Hotline number is 541-2388.

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