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January 7, 2009

A Presidential Agenda

It should be with a great sense of pride that local residents watch the events unfold over the next couple of weeks as Barack Obama moves from the position of president-elect to president.  After all, it was in Hawaii, during his formative years that Obama, as a young boy and a teenager, began to develop his attitude and beliefs that were instrumental in creating the mindset and tendencies that he now showcases to us all.

With a strong grandmother and a belief system grounded in the melting pot of Hawaii schooling and friends plus the Midwestern values of his grandmother and mother, Obama told Ebony magazine of his recent success: "I think part of it is that people are hungry for a sense of authenticity.  All I was really trying to do was describe what I was hearing on the campaign trail, the stories of the hopes, fears, and struggles of what ordinary people are going through every day."  Perhaps nowhere else in America do people better celebrate and appreciate the contributions of "ordinary people", through humble acknowledgement, than we do here in Hawaii.

When people talk about the "aloha spirit", about the necessity to find ways to get along in an island environment, about Hawaii being a futuristic microcosm of the world with its melting pot of humanity, it is more than just a marketing push; it is about a deep, embedded means of interacting that, while no means perfect or represented by all, is a dynamic sociological force, to be sure.  A son of Hawaii will take the highest office in this country on January 20th, and that moment will be a testament to the man, his family, and the place he called home, learned from, and still loves to visit today.  Think about it...

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