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January 5, 2009

Fireworks Don't Work

The name "fireworks" is a misnomer, because we all know that any real, "fire" caused by these "works" can be a great tragedy.  I have heard numerous people state that they felt the obnoxious displays were louder and more prevalent this year than in years past.  Thanks to Mother Nature, economic factors, and our local fire departments, there were fewer incidents this year than in years past.

Maybe, but watching illegal aerials and hearing almost sonic boom-like blasts for the weeks leading up to New Year's Eve proves, once again, that a lot of work needs to be done to ensure a safer and healthier end to each year here in Hawaii.  Yes, it can be exciting, and yes, some people get a huge adrenaline rush with a plethora of pyrotechnics, but sanity needs to prevail, especially in neighborhood settings and in the weeks leading up to the big date.

We can't depend on rain every year or assume a depressed economy will keep people from loading up on firecrackers, and we can't assume that our local authorities will be able to canvas the entire island chain, citing law-breakers.  For some annual blow-up artists, common sense on this issue is something they apparently disavowed a long time ago.  Let's just hope that they get a wake up call on safety and logic before they lose a home, an appendage, or a loved one in the name of over-the-top celebrations and so-called tradition.  Think about it...

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