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December 31, 2008

The End of an Era

Many of us remember the 60s, though one joke says that if you can actually remember the 60s, you probably didn't live through them.  The 70s, sometimes called the "me" decade, had its moments, and there are political, historical, and cultural icons that defined the 80s and 90s, of course, plus those decades are easy to capture in nomenclature.

So how will we define this decade- the "oughts" or the "zeroes" as some have called it?  We still don't have an official moniker for these first 10-years of the 21st Century, like we did in days of yore- like "the Roaring 20s" or the "Fabulous 50s". Some bloggers have referred to this decade as the "naughties", but I'm not sure if that's cute, provocative, or sad.

And how will this decade be remembered in Hawaii and elsewhere, now that we are in the final year with a zero in the front?  How will '09 shape up as the ultimate end to a decade that will most assuredly be framed by a devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil, a war or two, and a recession?  And what will the first ten years since the turn of the century have meant for Hawaii, in retrospect- for its people, for the land, for the future- when historians look back?  Perhaps it's the decade of the "Ohs", like "Oh my goodness" and "Oh no", or maybe even "OK".  Well, perhaps we ought not worry too much about titles, as we ought to just make the best of every era.  Think about it...

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