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December 29, 2008

Bowl Me Over

The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, the Sony Open, the Mercedes-Benz Championship, the Pro Bowl, the Honolulu Marathon, LPGA tournaments, all wonderful events held right here in Hawaii which showcase our little corner of the earth to the rest of the world.  We need more events such as these- positive, fun, engaging events that attract tourists and interest locals.

When times are tough, it is more vital than ever to be innovative.  Now would be a great time to come up with more events- sporting and otherwise- that would endear people to Hawaii as the events showcase Hawaii.  Cultural events, major concerts, other sports ideas- all should be welcomed in providing much needed exposure and positive feedback for our great state.

Keep in mind that for people who don't live here, Hawaii is at best a "want" item, not a "need" item, and as we are seeing now and have seen in other slow times, we need to make sure that Hawaii remains top-of-mind when people think of great places to visit, for whatever reasons they might have.  As we enter into a new year, let's work to visualize, create and support more enterprises that pay lasting dividends for locals and visitors alike.  Think about it...

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