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Lifestyle management consultant makes over body and mind

Nate Ho Nate Ho
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By Diane Ako - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A Honolulu fitness professional is on the cutting edge of a new field. It's called lifestyle management, and it doesn't just make over your body, it makes over your life.

Who is it for? Not just people who want to get in shape, but people who want to live without chronic pain.

Watching a workout at the studio of Performance Fitness on King Street, the casual observer might think it's just another personal trainer and his client doing a workout. But it's much more than that. Performance Fitness CEO Nate Ho is actually a lifestyle management consultant. "It's athletic training, but we also help change lifestyles through food intake and exercise, so everyone can have a healthier lifestyle."

When you sign on with Ho, he wants to know everything about you, from what you eat to how you sleep, and work, to how you gave birth! Ho explains, "By keeping a food log, not only do you learn about foods that are good for you, what you're eating, what your stress levels look like, and what you eat during stress, but you get a good idea of how to change your own food and make changes for yourself."

He continued, "I also ask, Do you have headaches during the day? Do you have a sore neck? What type of job do you do? What are your stress levels? What does your normal work day look like? I also need to know from the mothers if they had natural birth or a C section, because we look at the abdominal wall. Did you have to cut the abdominal wall to have the baby?"

He gets in there. "I ask them to take me through an average day to see exactly what this person does so I can put myself in their shoes and help fitness fit into their lifestyle."

Longtime client Lisa Kaanoi enthused, "He's more comprehensive and about the whole lifestyle, not just the one hour you're with him. He's straight to the point, innovative, and keeps his skills up to date. He's open minded. "

Ho summed up, "It's a lifestyle makeover. Diets are all fads, they come and go. By changing your lifestyle and giving the person tools to understand what's going on, it makes that lifestyle that much more successful."

Before Nate puts you through your paces, he first corrects your posture through exercises like this stretching posture. If you have chronic pain, Ho said he can often help. "We want to live pain free. We can't do that just by lifting weights all day long. We need to figure out where the pain was, where did it come from, how did it happen, and from there we can correct it, thereby improving this person's lifestyle without pain, yet adjusting all these posture points for them."

It's a new way to look at fitness- as a workout for your body and mind. Ho says the most common problem he sees is lower back or neck pain, which he says is caused by sitting at a desk too long!

Compaines also hire him to train their employees to keep health care costs down.

To reach Nate Ho at Performance Fitness, e mail him at  or call his mobile at (808) 722-9699.

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