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Blackout creates long lines at grocery stores

Christopher Ortiz Christopher Ortiz
Paul Lancaster Paul Lancaster
Robert Lownsbury Robert Lownsbury
Janice Bamford Janice Bamford
Lance Labuanan Lance Labuanan

By Roger Mari - bio | email

WAIPAHU (KHNL) - No power meant few options for cooking, but some people were able to find a handful of grocery stores still open, and were able to pick up some essential items.

At grocery stores around the island, it might surprise you that food wasn't the most sought after item for residents in this emergency. For some, getting their hands on hot items turned into a sweet treat during this disaster.

At around 8:00, the doors finally opened at Foodland in Waipio. People waited for as long as a half an hour to be let in. Then, one by one, with cash in hand, they picked up just what they needed for the night.

"Food, candles, batteries, cigarettes, things we need back home," said customer Christopher Ortiz.

Because they didn't know how long it would be before power would be restored, ice was also in high demand.

"I just want to make sure in case it goes over 12 hours I can at least save the milk for he kids," said customer Paul Lancaster.

In the dark parking lot at the Wakiele Shopping Center, the lights of the Leonard's Malasada wagon could be seen for miles. For the dozens of people standing in line, this tasty dessert would end up being their dinner.

"Just saw it driving past and saw the lights and just kind of hopes it was and sure enough, saw the people in line and made a mad dash for it," said customer Robert Lownsbury.

"We've been trying to find a place to eat since 6:30, 6:45, so I guess this is it," said customer Janice Bamford.

These two staff members were hard at work, but there was a bright side to this dark night.

"It's really good for business tonight, usually it would be slow at this time, but right now it's pretty crazy," said Leonard's Malasadas manager Lance Labuanan.

In the end, it was this generator and the blackout helping this pastry wagon roll in the dough.

The manager for Leonard's Malasadas says it was a record night in sales, before closing time they ran out of Malasadas, but not before everyone waiting in line had tasty dessert for dinner.

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