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Many went to places with power

Sheri Kishida Sheri Kishida
Sophia Straton Sophia Straton
Roger Marshall Roger Marshall
Ronald Ip Ronald Ip

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Earlier Saturday, power was restored to only parts of the island, but many people jumped into their cars and headed to places that had electricity.

People without power were out in full force here in Waikiki and at the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

It's usually busy at malls around this time of the year, but more people stopped by because it was one of the few places with power.

"I think we're the last to get our power," Hawaii Kai resident Sheri Kishida said.

She was supposed to be at work Saturday at the post office. The outage gave her an excuse to shop.

"All the power is out, so all the intersections, it's like a four-way stop so it takes time to drive back to Hawaii Kai, put on my uniform and get back into town, so I'm here shopping, sorry," she said.

"Unfortunately, our portable gas stove broke, so we don't have nothing, we ate all the goodies from Christmas," she said.

The Stratons didn't have power as well. So they traveled from their Manoa home to the Ward Centers to catch a movie.

"But because there's no electricity, we just lie around and since the computer is one a different gadget, so we just play on the computer," Sophia Straton said.

Some visitors in Waikiki didn't let the outage get in the way of their plans.

"There was no service at the bar, no lights, no food, no drinks, so we sat there for about an hour and then our kids are pretty big so they went off to see what they could find," Visitor Roger Marshall said.

But the Ips' ran into one small problem.

"Until we had to use the bathrooms, there's no lights in the bathroom," Ronald Ip said.

Most tourists we spoke to say the hotels did a great job with accommodating them throughout the power outage. One hotel even handed out some glow sticks shortly after the power outage.

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