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After-Christmas deals lure bargain hunters

By Leland Kim - bio | email

ALA MOANA (KHNL) - The slow economy made it rough for retailers this holiday season.  Sales are slightly down from a year ago, but the day after Christmas has become the new "Black Friday," as retailers roll out huge discounts.

The day after Christmas is typically a huge shopping day, and many are out in full force to grab some unbelievable deals.

Deep discounts lure shoppers a day after Christmas.

"There's a lot of good deals on sale," said Jamie Wong, a shopper who lives in San Diego.  "Lots of kids' clothes and stuff and good stuff for myself as well."

After giving all season to friends and family, Wong decides to give to herself.

"Was Santa good to you this year?" asked KHNL.

"No, not really," she answered. "That's why I had to come to the after Christmas sale."

Nationwide, retail sales are down two to four percent from a year.  So, as stores slash prices, shoppers scoop up some amazing deals.

"I found lots of kids' T-shirts and dresses," said Wong. "And for myself, on the mainland, I like lots of sweaters, so there's a lot of stuff on sale because Hawaii people don't really have a need for sweaters."

She's home for the holidays, shopping with her mom Elaine.  This is their biggest shopping day of the entire year, and they got an early start.

"We just read that Macy's was going to be open six o'clock so we were here at six o'clock before the doors opened and we were one of the first ones in the store," said Elaine Wong, who lives in Hawaii Kai.

"We went to Macy's already, so we looked at home stuff and shoes and stuff like that too," said Jamie Wong.

As the holiday shopping season comes to a close, they're optimistic the economy will pick up soon.

"I see a lot of changes coming about in the new year and new beginnings," said Elaine Wong. "There's a lot of hope."

And for Elaine Wong, her hope for a wonderful Christmas came true.

"That's the best thing about the holidays is having her come home," she said.

Home for the holidays and bagging some unbelievable deals.

So, many retailers are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping after Christmas sales help resuscitate our sluggish economy.

Some online retailers report their best holiday season ever, and places that sell food and other necessities also did well.

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