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Some families opt for a fast food Christmas

By Leland Kim - bio | email

KALIHI (KHNL) - Many people spent this Christmas working all day to prepare a Christmas Day feast, but some people are going a different route for their holiday meal.

When you think about sitting down for your Christmas dinner, you probably have thoughts of turkey, ham, and maybe even some poke.  But some folks are getting their Christmas meal from a drive through window.

This is what many families are sitting down to on Christmas Day, traditional mouth-watering food, but some families ...

"Yeah, I want a number four and can I substitute French fries for onion rings?" asks a man who is ordering from a fast food drive through window.

... go for something fast and easy.

The drive through line at this Kalihi Burger King was surprisingly long.  These families ended up here for various reasons.

Kari Layton just got off the night shift and ran into some bad luck.

"I'm here basically because I didn't realize I was missing ingredients and the store is closed," she said.  "So I'm here to buy lunch for the kids."

"Original chicken only," said Kimo Dirige, who is also ordering from Burger King's drive through window. "Yeah, that'll be it.  Thank you."

He is making a pit stop in between errands.

"We were dropping off gifts to family members and relatives, and since driving around, we got hungry," said Dirige.

And looking for places open on Christmas Day is no easy task.

"And we noticed a lot of shops are closed now so we just happened to see one, which was Burger King that was open during Christmas," said Dirige.

A Christmas present of sorts for these hungry families.

As convenient as drive through is on most days, on a day like Christmas Day when not many places are open, it's practically a Godsend.

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